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Aries - I don’t know if I can give you advice when I still don’t have you figured out.

Taurus - you are messier than my bedroom floor, but the piles of clothing are where my dog likes to sleep; sometimes the chaos that you leave behind becomes a safe place for someone else to rest.

Gemini - being mysterious feels good, but sometimes it’s so refreshing to be understood.

Cancer - you are so good at so many things, but you are better at making people feel loved than anyone else I’ve ever known.

Leo - you have spent all of your energy holding yourself together when you should have eased up on your confines and spent your time cultivating the gardens in your chest that you have never let flourish.

Virgo - sometimes I feel like I can’t live my life until it is exactly the way I want it to be, and I know you feel the same way sometimes. I think in time we’ll both learn how to live in imperfection.

Libra - you just always have to write like no one will ever read it; you have to be as honest as you would be if no one was looking over your shoulder.

Scorpio - I feel like all I ever do is worry about you and that can’t be very good for either of us.

Sagittarius - you are impossible, but I’ve learned to like that about you.

Capricorn - you don’t have to be as cold as your winter birthday; you don’t have to freeze over every time the ground does.

Aquarius - stop pretending to be less interesting than you are because you think that no one can stomach the carnival in your laugh or the windy roads of your stories.

Pisces - if you don’t stop telling yourself so many lies, soon you might not even be able to look yourself in the face when you’re standing in front of a mirror.

next week’s horoscopes, maria s.  (via sweetestsecrets)
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